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Sustainable packaging

One of the main environmental problems of our century is plastic waste pollution. For this reason we must be aware to reduce our consumption and look for more sustainable alternatives. This new trend has given rise to what is known as sustainable, ecological or green packaging.

Some of the sustainable packaging goals are:

- Decrease the impact on the environment.
- Optimize production processes to reduce travel and emit less CO2.
- The possibility of recycling packaging containers in their entirety. Using biodegradable or compostable materials.
- Packaging should be reusable and therefore have several useful lives before being recycled.
- Use renewable energy.
- Avoid unnecessary packaging.

Green packaging uses materials such as paper, cardboard, potato starch, sustainable textiles, etc. It is increasingly common to find these materials in ecommerce, being this a sector where sustainable packaging is having more presence. However, it is expected that during the next decade, traditional fossil-based plastics will be completely replaced in most sectors and industries.