Tranquility in hard times

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The coronavirus has changed the rules of the game, causing an unprecedented public health emergency that already affects all economic sectors. In addition to this pandemic, there is the constant increase in the price of raw materials and the extreme scarcity it. On the other hand, the war conflicts in Europe create great uncertainty worldwide, […]

Hotmelt adhesive tapes

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Rubber-based hotmelt adhesive is a type of adhesive that is supplied in solid form and is designed to melt and solidify in a few seconds. - It resists down to -40 degrees below zero. It is the ideal adhesive for products preserved at low temperatures. - It has excellent moisture barrier properties. - Its low […]


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ICE EUROPE reopens its doors this March to welcome the main manufacturers and distributors of raw materials, consumables, machinery and finished products related to paper, film and aluminum. SELF, as a manufacturer of double-sided, single-sided, transfer and transfer with mesh self-adhesive tapes for the lamination of foams, plastics, rubbers etc will be present in this […]