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In regards of our flexibility in manufacturing, we are able to offer a service tailored to customer needs. This allows us to supply our products in the desired format.


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After years of experience in the industry we that: The right tape + in the desired format = an efficient application. It is important that all components of the formula are fulfilled without exception to ensure efficiency. That is why we have been developing customized products together with our customers for many years. One of […]

Construction tapes

We have developed a range of self-adhesive tapes designed to ensure optimal and secure, permanent adhesion on any internal or external surface of the house. Ref. C1105-A, Ref. C1425-V, Ref. C1425-N, Ref. 2026/230, Ref. 1630, Ref. 3030 are ideal products for use in the construction of passive houses. Where are they used? - Electrical wiring […]

Greenhouse tapes

At the beginning of the growing season, greenhouses need to be well conditioned and repaired. Our ref. 1424 and ref. 1730 were developed for this purpose more than 40 years ago. Ref. 1424 is a single-sided acrylic adhesive tape consisting of a polyethylene film carrier, identical to the plastic material used to cover greenhouses. - […]

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