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Fire retardant adhesive tapes

Fire-retardant adhesive tapes are increasingly in demand for multiple applications. For this reason, it is becoming more and more common in the construction, aeronautical, railway, maritime, automotive, etc industries to require that all the material used in their manufacture is fireproof and complies with fire protection standards. In response to the growing demand for this […]

Moisture-resistant self-adhesive tapes

Outdoor applications can be challenging due to the adverse weather conditions to which they are subjected. That's why moisture-resistant self-adhesive tapes play a key role in these types of applications. Our 7007 formula is perfectly designed to resist moisture and condensation under temperatures ranging from -30 to +100°. Its wide range of high and low […]

Removable adhesive tapes

Removable adhesive tapes are an ideal choice when a temporary application is required. For example the assembly of fairs and stands. In these events we need to be able to apply the tape and to remove it without leaving residue on the surface. It is then when a removable tape provides the exact solution. Our […]

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