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In regards of our flexibility in manufacturing, we are able to offer a service tailored to customer needs. This allows us to supply our products in the desired format.


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Removable adhesive tapes

Removable adhesive tapes are an ideal choice when a temporary application is required. For example the assembly of fairs and stands. In these events we need to be able to apply the tape and to remove it without leaving residue on the surface. It is then when a removable tape provides the exact solution. Our […]

We adhesive your material

Our extensive experience in adhesives allows us to offer the customer a 360° solution: - We manufacture our own tapes with our own tailor-made formulations. - We offer different formats: adhesive tape in jumbo roll, slitted roll or spool. - We can bond customer's material. Adhesive bonding is a service in great demand by customers […]


After years of experience in the industry we that: The right tape + in the desired format = an efficient application. It is important that all components of the formula are fulfilled without exception to ensure efficiency. That is why we have been developing customized products together with our customers for many years. One of […]

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