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Properties of acrylic adhesives

Acrylic self-adhesives are composed of cross-linked polymers.
Polymers are macromolecules in chain and cross-linked branches formed by the repetition of monomers by means of a strong chemical bond.
This cross-linking characteristic makes acrylic selfadhesives have a high performance.
The main characteristics of water-based acrylic self-adhesives are:
- Immediate adhesive action
- Acrylics have very good aging: over time, the acrylic self-adhesive tends to perform better in terms of adhesion, cohesion and TACK.
- They have good UV resistance and are very stable in high humidity environments.
- Excellent adhesion to a multitude of substrates
- Good resistance to high and low temperatures (+200 C/-60 C)

By modifying and customizing the formulation of acrylic adhesives, a wide range of self-adhesive tapes with different properties can be obtained. Resistance to high and low temperatures, flame retardant properties, adhesion to plasticizers, resistance to water or humidity, etc.