After years of experience in the industry we that:

The right tape + in the desired format = an efficient application.

It is important that all components of the formula are fulfilled without exception to ensure efficiency. That is why we have been developing customized products together with our customers for many years.

One of the recurring needs of our customers is to optimize the production process by reducing changeovers and machine downtime. It was then that we developed the spool format.

The spooling is a process of winding the adhesive tape on itself, similar to thread spools. This process makes it possible to obtain long rolls of adhesive tape with any bulkiness in the diameter of the roll.

Advantages of the spool format:

- Long length rolls on a small diameter roll and easy handling
- Reduced machine downtime and changeovers
- Continuous gluing process
- Quick and easy start-up

Discover our adhesive tapes in spool format and enjoy the efficiency of your production process.