Construction tapes

We have developed a range of self-adhesive tapes designed to ensure optimal and secure, permanent adhesion on any internal or external surface of the house.
Ref. C1105-A, Ref. C1425-V, Ref. C1425-N, Ref. 2026/230, Ref. 1630, Ref. 3030 are ideal products for use in the construction of passive houses.

Where are they used?

- Electrical wiring
- Metal
- Gypsum, cement and concrete panels
- Plastic
- Wood panels
- Vapor barrier sheets
- PP/PE/PA/PO sheets
- Tensile sheets
- Breathable sheets
- Frames, doors, windows, roofs and facades
- Ventilation ducts
- Sealing of chimneys, frames, doors and windows

Our tapes have a high adhesive strength even on low energy surfaces or on porous surfaces. They also guarantee a good seal and airtightness for vapor barriers. Their UV treatment makes them a great ally against inclement weather and provide durability over long periods of time.

They withstand a temperature range of: -30 / +100 (°C) which makes them adaptable to any season of the year.

In addition to their outdoor use, they are also suitable for indoor use, providing a guarantee of quality in panel joints and seams. Their carrier can be both flexible, to adapt to angles and curves, and rigid for the flattest and smoothest surfaces.