Greenhouse tapes

At the beginning of the growing season, greenhouses need to be well conditioned and repaired.
Our ref. 1424 and ref. 1730 were developed for this purpose more than 40 years ago.
Ref. 1424 is a single-sided acrylic adhesive tape consisting of a polyethylene film carrier, identical to the plastic material used to cover greenhouses.
- It is highly resistant to UV rays and weathering.
- It has excellent adhesion and good withstands humidity.
- It withstands a temperature range of -20°C to +60°C.

Ref. 1730 is a single-sided acrylic foam tape used for several functions:
- To protect the metal structure of greenhouses against friction caused by inclement weather that can cause breaks in the polyethylene film.
- As an insulator between the plastic and the metal structure. Thus avoiding the deterioration of the latter due to high temperatures.

Both tapes are supplied in different sizes for easy handling, the most common being 100/150/200mm (ref. 1424) and 25/30mm (ref. 1730).