We adhesive your material

Our extensive experience in adhesives allows us to offer the customer a 360° solution:

- We manufacture our own tapes with our own tailor-made formulations.
- We offer different formats: adhesive tape in jumbo roll, slitted roll or spool.
- We can bond customer's material.

Adhesive bonding is a service in great demand by customers who need to apply adhesive on their own materials but lack the appropriate machinery or experience to do so.
After a previous study of the material supplied by the customer, wet adhesive is applied on it to later go through a drying process and finally winding.
In the same way, we can offer this same service in sheet format depending on the customer's needs and the thickness of the material.

In addition, we can also adhesive your material with different designs adapting to the final die. That is why we offer adhesive stripes in different sizes as required.

Some of the materials that we can apply adhesive are foam, felt, cork, fabrics, aluminum, fiberglass, films, etc.