Removable adhesive tapes

Removable adhesive tapes are an ideal choice when a temporary application is required.
For example the assembly of fairs and stands. In these events we need to be able to apply the tape and to remove it without leaving residue on the surface. It is then when a removable tape provides the exact solution.

Our different removable tapes are:

- Ref. 2419: double-sided tape with a permanent side and a removable side, ideal for fixing carpets at fairgrounds, events, etc. The removable side is applied to the floor so that it can be removed without leaving residue when the event is over and the permanent side is applied to the carpet so that it will never come off.

- Ref. 2609 and 2209: double-sided tape with one permanent side and one removable side, designed for application on glass. It was created to provide a solution for the protective adhesive pieces that protect mirrors and glass during transportation and assembly.

- Ref. 3009: double-sided foam tape with one permanent and one removable side. Its most common use is in the assembly of posters, signs, temporary advertising labels, trade show furniture, etc.

Discover our temporary adhesive solutions and leave your surfaces free of residues.