Cookies Policy

At, we use cookies (browsing data) to learn about our users’ habits and thus improve our services.

What are cookies?
“Cookies” are small text files stored by the browser when browsing websites and applications. The IP address used by the computer to connect to the website can be obtained, as well as the URL of the website requested, the time of connection and other parameters pertaining to the operating system of the user’s computer environment. This information is obtained in order to help analyse the website.

Types of cookies used by
> Statistical cookies: these gather information on the date of the visit, the URL and the title of the current website. The reports created with this information are merely statistical, anonymously providing information about browsing behaviour.
> Analytical cookies: these are used to monitor the search engine through which the user visited the website and what search terms were used to find it. They calculate the time spent on the website in each session and the number of times the user has visited the site.
The list of cookies that are used can be modified according to whether services on the website or application are added or discarded.

Accepting cookies
If you continue browsing once you have been informed about the Cookies Policy, we deem that you accept the use of cookies by the website and its applications. However, you can change your cookie settings at any time by setting your browser to accept the cookies or not. We inform you that in the event of a crash or refusal to install the cookies, it is possible that certain sections of the website may not work properly. thanks you for accepting the cookies, as this helps us obtain more accurate data, enabling us to improve the content and layout of our website in order to adapt it to your preferences.